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Biodiversity Resources Assessment, Conservation and Sustainable Use; agroecology

Development of an ecological monitoring system for the Bulgarian national parks,

Development and implementation of a pilot program for bilberries resources assessment in Rila and Central Balkan National Parks. Introducing a system for monitoring, collaborative management and sustainable use of non timber natural resources in the national parks. Development of proposals for changes in the Medicinal Plants Act.

Development and application of GIS for the purposes of biodiversity conservation, protected areas management, monitoring, sustainable use of natural resources. Development of thematic maps.

Development of structure and content of a Data Base for medicinal plants resources management in Rila and Central Balkan National Parks, as well as a Data Base for the Rila Monastery nature Park GIS,

Coordination of a Needs Assessment for the national biodiversity Data Base development (CHM - Clearing House Mechanism) in accordance with the Biodiversity Convention,

Participation in BSPB volunteers training in support of the development of NATURA 2000 network in Bulgaria. Participation in the development of Communication Strategy of the Society for the Important Birds Areas designation

Vegetation and habitats classification of NATURA 2000 sites in Greece. Collection of data and maps development using GPS and GIS. Conservation significance and treats assessment. Development of conservation recommendations.

Development of design, agenda, presentations and hand outs for series of working meetings with stakeholders in 28 municipalities in the Rhodopes region under the GEF Rhodope Project in Bulgaria. Review and preparation of additions for the Development Strategies of eight of these municipalities according to the national nature conservation legislation, national strategies and action plans.

Survey of the certification schemes for food and tourism products implemented in country by MOEW and MAF as well as those of PanParks foundation.

Coordination of the National Biodiversity Action Plan 2006-2010 development.

Development of Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy and an Action plan for better business and nature conservation status around Rila National Park with the support of PAN parks Foundation;

Participation and support of the discussion, evaluation and improvement of the 214 Measure “Agro-ecological payments” of the Rural development program 2007-2013 under the project “Technical Assistance to the preparation of the Rural Development Program 2007-2013 and its Monitoring System in Bulgaria”;

Participation in the development of the RDP 2007-2013 monitoring system and especially for the monitoring and evaluation of the projects under 214 Measure “Agro-ecological payments”;

Capitalization of experiences and extraction of lessons learnt acquired during the 10 years of Swiss (SDC) assistance for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources domain in Bulgaria.

Independent evaluation and drawing lessons learned of the Capacity Building for Sustainable Land Management in Bulgaria Project of UNDP

Protected Areas Management

Development and implementation of protected areas management plans with the participation of the stakeholders; nature conservation and biodiversity projects implementation. This experience has been gained with management plans development and implementation for three of the biggest parks in Bulgaria - Rila and Central Balkan National Parks

and Rila Monastery Nature Park. These were the first parks` management plans adopted by the Bulgaria's Council of Ministers,

Work with stakeholders in the process of management plans development including national and regional structures of MOEW, MAF, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Ministry of Culture, Holly Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Rila Monastery, municipalities, NGOs, etc,

Organization and carrying out of Management Plans Pubic Hearings in accordance with the Protected Areas Act and the Regulation of Protected Areas Management Plans Development,

Carrying out of lobbing campaigns in support of national parks among the members of the Bulgarian Parliament,

Carrying out of fundraising campaigns in support of the Bulgarian protected areas,

Development of Application Requirements as well as Public Awareness Strategy and Logo of the Bulgarian Protected Areas Fund,

Development of a “Stakeholders Involvement in Nature Parks Management Plans Development Process in Bulgaria” booklet,

Development of Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy and an Action plan for better business and nature conservation status around Rila National Park with the support of PAN parks Foundation.

Sustainable tourism development based on the natural assets of Bulgaria

Participation in the development of the first in Bulgaria specialized botanical trail "Friends of the Plants"- in Rila National Park;

Development of Practical Guidebook and Methodology for community based ecotourism development around National Park;

Development of a training program for acquiring skills and knowledge for sustainable tourism business development based on the natural treasures preserved in Rila NP and implementation in Razlog municipality;

Development of Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy and an Action plan for better business and nature conservation status around Rila National Park with the support of PAN parks Foundation;

Development of a standard and documentation for assessment and PAN parks certification of tourist services and providers around Rila NP based on the natural assets of the park;

Creation and management of a Local PAN Parks Group of stakeholders and business partners of Rila National Park interested in sustainable tourism development around the park.

Development of an eco-trail “Rila National Park – home of the chamois” – interpretative infrastructure development; development of information and educational materials; development of training program for guiding and interpretation of the trail and training local people and park staff.

Public Awareness and Communications

Development and implementation of a National Public Awareness Strategy and a national media campaign in support of biodiversity conservation and the national parks system in the frame of Biodiversity Conservation and Economic Growth Project funded by USAID. Ensuring hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles and radio and TV broadcasts.

Development of concepts and texts and coordination of production and distribution of publications on the values of the Bulgarian nature including: the first popular encyclopedia for Bulgaria`s biodiversity "The green Gold of Bulgaria", "Rila Monastery Nature Park", the "Rapid Ecological Assessment of the Rila Monastery Nature Park" compendium, "Nature Protection in Dates and Facts" Almanac, etc.

Development of concepts, script and texts as well as coordination of production, launching and distribution of the first in country multi media CD about the Bulgarian natural values "The Bulgarian National Parks".

Development of a concepts, scripts and texts as well as coordination of production, launching and distribution of the video films "The Bulgarian National Parks", "From People to People", "Sensation of Power", "The Awakening".

Development of concepts and texts as well as coordination of the production of the following web sites:

Conduct of national media campaigns of the First (2002) and Second (2004) National Ecotourism Forums - as part of the development of the National Ecotourism Strategy www.ecotourism.bulgariatravel.org

Development and maintenance of a National Journalistic Data Base of all articles on biodiversity conservation issues published in the national press in the period of 1995-2004. Development of a Classification system for its management.

Development of an audio CD with authentic folklore music from Beli Iskar village in Samokov region as a tool for conserving the culture of traditional mountain settlements in the area of the Rila National Park and stimulating sustainable business practices for communities on the periphery of the park by linking with cultural/eco tourism.

Organization of a Press Tour for journalists from European specialized tourism media on behalf of PAN Parks Foundation and in cooperation with Rila and Central Balkan National Parks and the State Agency for Tourism

Organization of a voluntary camp for CANON Europe staff in the foothills of Rila National Park in support of nature conservation in the park and public awareness rising.

Organization of Europe’s Wilderness Days Conference of PAN Parks Foundation with the participation of more than 100 participants from more than 20 European countries: representatives of the 9 parks members of the network; Ministry of Environment and Waters; State Tourism Agency, tourism service providers from the regions of the parks, tour operators and journalists.

Education and Training

Work in support of the institutional development of Rila and Central Balkan National Parks directorates:
Parks' Public Awareness Strategies development,
Parks' staff training in media relations and public awareness activities,
Supervision of parks small projects,
Technical support for parks' public awareness campaigns planning and implementation

Development of training programs and conducting trainings and study tours on:
public awareness and work with media,
use of GPS and GIS,
non timber natural resources assessment,
cultural specifics of Bulgaria and Bulgarians. www.crossculturebg.com

Organization of exhibitions for biodiversity conservation and nongovernmental organizations achievements:
Development of concepts and texts of posters and boards
Organization of production of posters and boards
Organization of launching events