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Support for a Travel and Leisure (USA specialized magazine) article development (August 2003 - August 2005 - April 2006)

Getting Rila, of the US writer Gregory Dicum was published in the May 2006 issue of the fourth biggest American magazine Travel & Leisure. The article was quoted in a consequent article of John Flinn in SF Chronicle on 16 July 2006. We contributed as well to another of Dicum’s pieces publicizing Sofia in New York Times on 30 April 2006 “An ancient city that wears its history well”

Our duties included:
Guidance and technical assistance of the writer to Rila National Park and its surroundings (August 2003)
Guidance and assistance of the team of photographers to Rila National Park and its surroundings (August 2005)
Editing and proof checking of facts for the editorial staff of T&L (April 2006)