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Capitalization of Experiences of the Swiss Support to Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR) in Bulgaria
(March - September 2007)

Client: Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC)

The project aimed to contribute to the process of the capitalization of experiences acquired during the 10 years of Swiss assistance for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (SMNR) domain in Bulgaria. The goal was to formulate lessons learned for the SDC employees working in the field of SMNR and to develop ideas for future initiatives for the Bulgarian partner organizations.

The following 5 projects, part of SDC SMNR portfolio in Bulgaria, were main object of the study and capitalization exercise:
Bulgarian – Swiss Forestry Programme
Monitoring of air pollution affecting the forest
Rare Indigenous Breeds Project
Support to Organic Agriculture Partnership
Bulgarian – Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Programme (BSBCP) and than "Pro-Biodiversity Partnerships: Nature Beyond Conservation" – support to Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation (BBF) project

Our tasks included:
Support for elaboration of the methodological tools for the review of documents and the synthesis of the self-assessments through questionnaires and interviews;
Data collection trough review of the projects` documentation of the five listed above projects;
Provision of questionnaires to selected stakeholders;
Realization of interviews and selected field visits in Bulgaria and analysis / synthesis of answers;
Participation in half a day workshop in Switzerland on crosschecking positions/results from the interviews and discussing and analyzing the overall lessons learnt. Preparation of feed beck from the WS;
Organization of a capitalization workshop in Bulgaria;
Extraction of overall lessons learned;
Participation in the elaboration of the Final Report.