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Canon Europe in Support of the Nature Conservation in Rila National Park – Part of the Most Valuable European Heritage in the PAN Parks Network (June - October 2007)

Client: Canon Europe

The organization of the voluntary camp for Canon Europe staff from all over the continent took place on the teritory of Dolna Bania and Kostenetz Municipalities, from 8 to 12 October 2007. Canon Europe is an official business partner of PAN Parks Foundation since 2003. It organizes voluntary camps in support of nature conservation in one of the certified PAN parks each year.

23 Canon Europe staff from Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Holland, Hungary and Sweden took part in the initiative. They helped conserve a unique natural area in Eastern Europe – Rila National Park. The volunteers built stairs and cleared trails, repaired and renewed fences and constructed signs – all crucial activities to help protect one of the region’s top biodiversity hotspots. The project gave them the opportunity to learn about the local history and traditions as well.

Our responsibilities included:
Development and of the program and coordination with Canon Europe and the PAN Parks Foundation;
Coordination with the local PAN Parks partners (Rila National Park Directorate, Dolna Bania Municipality and Ibar local tourist union, organization of the field work;
Conduct of the program and logistics of the camp;
Presentation of the natural heritage of the Rila NP and introducing the local culture and traditions to the participants.