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Independent evaluation and drawing lessons learned of the Capacity Building for Sustainable Land Management in Bulgaria Project
(February – May 2008)

Client: UNDP

The Project main goals were:
Independent evaluation and drawing lessons learned per outcomes and target groups of the SLM Project.
Provide support to the International Evaluator responsible for the SLM Project Final Evaluation.

The Target groups included in the evaluation were:
National institutions with responsibilities for sustainable land management: MOEW, EEA, MAFS, Soil Resources Agency, SAF (Forestry Agency);
Regional institutions with responsibilities for sustainable land management: RIEWs, Water Basin Directorates, Regional Forestry Boards;
Scientific institutions - Pushkarov Soil Institute, Forestry Institute;
Educational institutions – Ministry of Education and Science, Educational Departments of the MAFS and NFB, Professional Schools of Agriculture and Forestry and the Agricultural University of Plovdiv
Local authorities – Administrative bodies of 10 Municipalities implementing demonstrational projects in the framework of the SLM Project.
Farmers - selected from the group of the NAAS clients
NGO representatives – those aware of the project in order to recognize their opinion on its impact.

Our responsibilities included:
Review of the SLM Project Documents, the Logical Framework Matrix, the results achieved during the project implementation, list of project publications, etc.;
Development of a list of hypothesis for project achievements based on the project goals, expected outputs and the indicators in the logical framework matrix;
Development of interview questionnaires for the three levels of capacity – individual, institutional and systematic.
Development of a list of interviewees.
Distribution of the questioner to 93 representatives of all target groups who were involved in the project implementation.
Execution of seventeen (17) personal interviews with people closely involved in the implementation of the Project.
Organization and carrying out four (4) thematic meetings with – farmers/clients of the Gabrovo RAAS; farmers/clients of the Veliko Turnovo RAAS; school directors of the agriculture and forests professional schools that were involved in the Project implementation; representatives of the RIEWs.
Analysis of the collected information from questioners, interviews and thematic meetings. Preparation of a draft preliminary report which served as a base for defining and formulating the lessons learned.
Organization and charring out of a WS/Focus group meeting with the stakeholders’ representatives for presentation and discussion of lessons learnt and receiving recommendations and feedback.
Support for the International Evaluator’s field mission. Our team experts were providing information and analysis and participating in all his meetings with PMU, UNDP and project stakeholders during his mission in Bulgaria.
Development of Final technical report.