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Decreasing the threats for the Brown Bear and its habitats through applying measures, part of the species Action plan, with the participation of local communities and support by the national public

With the financial support of: EEA Grants, NGO Fund - Bulgaria

The Objectives:
Decreasing the threats and creating conditions for increasing the population of the Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) paralel to sustainable development;
Increasing the knowledge and skills of local communities, necessary for decreasing of the conflict man – bear;
Providing conditions for exchange of genetic material between the populations in the region of one of the most important corridors for the Bear population in the country – the one among Pirin, Rila and Rhodopes mountains.

Collection of information, develpement of a Brown Bear and its habitats’ data base and creation of popular messages for each target group;
Organization and implementation of a national public awareness campaign and gaining support for the conservation of the Brown Bear`s populations and their natural habitats;
Development and applying of interactive training programs for the local community in the region of the Project’s practical cluster;
Implementing campaign for attracting support for the Brown Bear conservation in the Project’s region - organizing a “Celebration of the Bears” and a regional media campaign.

Two of the Project's products you can review here: Brown Bear in Bulgaria Web Site and "How to Live with Bears" Multimedia CD.