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Balkan Chamois Kid’s Play Centre

Funded by: Hardner & Hardner Foundation, USA

Attract the attention of the most sensitive target group – the kids 5-13 years of age - that can strongly influence the opinion of the rest of the important for the preservation of the Balkan Chamois target groups;
Develop and popularize on local and national level a good model of a kids play center that raises awareness of nature conservation issues;
Contribute to reducing of poaching and gaining public support for the preservation of the Balkan Chamois.

Develop an educational program for the kids working with a group of teachers from the local schools in Gorno and Dolno Draglishte villages, Razlog municipality;
Develop the games and all the necessary for them equipment;
Test the games and other components of the educational program with kids from the local kinder gardens and schools;
Develop a business plan for the Center that ensures its long term sustainability;
Promote the Center to the educational system on local and national level;
Market the Center to the tour operators dealing with specialized ecotourism products and local ecotourism entrepreneurs