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Municipal Model for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) Conservation and Sustainable Use with Participation of SCOs, Local Communities and Media

Financed by: Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme, Thematic Fund “Reform Fund Linked to Civil Society Participation”

The region of Apriltsi, Lovech, Sevlievo and Troyan is one of the richest in valuable medicinal plants used in Europe and the world. The current project will aid the development of the region’s economy, while simultaneously contributing to the establishment of sustainable practices for medicinal plant use.

Development of - standard format for a Municipal medicinal and aromatic plant (MAP) Conservation and Sustainable Use Management Plan to be applied in the project region and promoted in the whole country.
Creation of a model for Regional MAP resource assessment with the participation of local communities and stakeholders developed in the Project area and made available for replication across Bulgaria.
Establishment of a regional MAP conservation and sustainable use capacity building Resource Center, providing information and advice to all interested parties.
Execution of a regional and national campaing for promotion of sustainable MAP use practices.
Creation of a resource centre for capacity building in the project region.
Creation of a value adding demonstration model in the form of a processing facility for the production of medicinal plant products from local species.
Execution of an advocacy campaign targeting the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Environment and Water Commission of the Parliament, recommending necessary amendments to the Medicinal Plants Act and associated secondary legislation.

A series of training sessions will also be organised as part of the project. They will train key stakeholders in sustainable MAP use practices, including livelihood/development opportunities for the local communities. The trainings will improve awareness and recruit support from locals (especially MAP collectors) and all parties interested in MAP conservation.

More information about this project at http://herbvaluebg.org