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Collaborative management for conservation of forest (9560*, 9180*) and grassland (6510) habitats negatively affected by invasive alien species (IAS) in Bulgaria LIFE IAS Free Habitats Project

Co-funded by: The Life Programme of the European Commission - Life+

The overall objective of the LIFE IAS Free Habitats project is to improve and maintain the conservation status of three of the rarest and most vulnerable natural forest and grassland habitat types in Bulgaria. The project will improve the institutional capacity for addressing invasive plant alien species.

Main actions:
Desk research, collecting and summarizing data, specialized photos and video materials and development of a GIS data base for the distribution of tree and shrub IA plant species in the project areas
Establishment of collaborative management platforms and development of conservation plans for habitats 9560*, 9180*and 6510 for prevention of the introduction and spread of IAS;
Training on IAS and 9560*, 9180* and 6510 habitats management;
Improvement the conservation status of habitats 9560*, 9180* and 6510;
Monitoring the success of implemented activities for improving the status of the targeted habitats;
Assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project;
Assessment of project�s impact on ecosystem functions;
Information and awareness rising;
Transfer of results and technical dissemination, development of a package of publications and a Facebook page;
National forum and series of meetings for sharing the experience and presentation of the collaborative management platform.

Coordinating beneficiary: Information and Nature Conservation Foundation Associated beneficiaries: Foundation for organic agriculture �Bioselena� and Eco Forum for the Nature

October 2017 to October 2022


More information about this project at https://invasiveplants.eu