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Decreasing the Threats for the Brown Bear and its Habitats through Applying Measures, Part of the Specie’s Action plan, with the Participation of Journalists from the National and Local Media and the Support of the National Audience

With the financial support of: Ministry of Environment and Water trough the Enterpise for Management of Environmental Protection Activities (EMEPA)

The Objectives:
Distribute useful and positive information about the Brown Bear to all stakeholders;
Help increase local communities knowledge and skills in order to reduce the conflict with the Brown Bear;
Help improve the communication between governmental institutions, local authorities, NGO and business for the purposes of preservation of the Brawn Bear.

Journalists’ press tour to the Rhodope Mountains region – area with most reported and compensated Brown Bear damages to beehives, orchards or domestic animals , as well as best examples of Brown Bear watching tourism services;
Series of informal orientation meetings with journalists from national media;
Series of press releases;
Support for series of national radio, TV and newspaper reports;
Creation and maintenance of a Facebook thematic group;
Media coverage monitoring, analysis and use of lessons learned.